Churchkey was honored to be apart of a fantastic double decker bus tour of some great people and small businesses that “Make”. Local Craftsman and Artisans that are working hard to create beautiful useful things by hand. The brain child of Jason Sturgill, this project set our to inspire, educate and connect locals to the studios and workshops in the world of “Makers”. We are looking forward to the next one.

Photos of the event

“We are shifting back, People are getting their hand dirtier”. Well said Adam, we love what you do! Please never stop doing.
This looks like a blast, what a great way to spend a summer. Hope other people take this idea and run with it! Read more about it here.
What do you make? Innovation doesn’t always have to be tech, it can simply be thinking about something differently and show others how to do the same.
We love Draplin and his love of Field Notes, what an amazing collection. We can’t wait to see the finished archive projects he is putting together.

via A Continuous Lean

If you like hops has a great post with loads of info. 50 beer and the hops that they are made from, just might interest you. Check out the post here.

This is going to be my working list for a while I’m sure. -JH

LOVELIKEBEER from Forrest Clonts on Vimeo.

Love to see other beer lovers making great stuff while enjoying good beer. Plus if you didn’t know how to screen print before now you do! Well done guys. @LoveLikeBeereBeer @TheHalfandHalf

Murmuration from Islands & Rivers on Vimeo.

10 year in Portland and still haven’t seen the swallows. I imagine it looks like this magic. I can’t think of a better day adventure in a canoe. -JH


Well said sir, well said



What a great NW collaboration, I really love what Shwood is doing and Pendleton had made great effort to work with some great companies. Old artisan craftsmanship working with new. I hope to see more and more of this in the next few years.